Ladies Nature Biotech

Ladies Nature Biotech is a professional OEM and ODM of skin care products, and we are concentrate our resource of development, which application to Liposome Technique of all kind of cosmeceuticals.

We have advanced developing ability. Direct to the necessaries from the clients, direction of the market and the prevalent, to choose and confect the raw material seriously, develop and design the formula system. To control the quality and stability conscientious and careful, estimate effectively and so on, to develop many unique and highly effective formula.

Our faith

Honest. Enthusiasm. Management core. Sharing. Passion

To build up the wholly core value concept and long lasting running is our long period accordance direction. Concentrate the whole resources, with accordance target to put in our core developing direction, and bring the Liposome technique apply in the mask and other medical cosmetics care and so on.
Focus on the “professional”, which is our advantage, to bring our company to be the outstanding in the cosmetics field.

We have

more than 300 customers


Our products marketing expand into

more than 16 countries

, e.g.,Hon Kong, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam.

Core Value

  • Provide the latest formula.
  • Promote the ingredient active with Active Coating Technique
  • Multiple cooperate model.
  • Provide customer the cosmetics market information.
  • Provide high competition and diversity products.
  • Provide professional products planning suggest.

Core Technology

Innovative Utilization

New active ingredients are widely utilized and more are to come:

Sub-strate: Seagrapes

Seagrapes are rich in polysaccharides, dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins and a variety of mono- and poly-unsaturated fatty acids.

Sub-strate: Rose

Bulgarian rose is rich in vitamins, glucose, fructose, citric acid, malic acid and triterpenes (which are known for their anti-aging effects) and hundreds of other substances beneficial to humans.

Preservation of Activity for Active Ingredients

We apply embedding technology to improve bioavailability and targeted effect

Patented lyophilization technology

Growth factor activity for three months, is difficult to store in the presence of water.
Crystal freezing manufacturing process, can effectively seal and keep the ingredients fresh.
With Ladies’ Active Sublimation Crystal Freezing technology, the valuable active ingredients be kept and survived into the most stable state.

Active Ingredient Embedding Technology

Preservation and ideal dosage form is achieved with multi-pronged storage technology.

Liposome technology

Liposome delivery technology provides the most effective continuous protection from environmental skin damage.
The liposome encapsulation technique enables the optimal transport of active ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin for extraordinary results.


The development and research of our company  focus on potential cosmetic product and health product

  • OEM/ODM、own brand development
    -Critical technology and material development
  • Whitening and moisturizing skin care products
    -Antioxidant and sun block skin care products
    -Anti-aging and anti-aging wrinkle skin care products
    -Skin care products without preservative
    -Extract, development and marking skin care product from agriculture and fishery
  • Using Nano technology to extract and develop active gradient from agriculture and fishery
  • Using Nano technology to develop and active gradient for skin care products