Project Description

Advanced 2-In-1 Vital

The secret to unveiling beauty

Combining our newly improved active powder and liquid into one-time usage is the key to deliver the most potent and effective cosmeceutical formula to the skin.

Advanced 2-In-1 Vital



Liposome delivery technology provides the most effective continuous protection from environmental skin damage.
The liposome encapsulation technique enables the optimal transport of active ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin for extraordinary results.


Attain flawless, lighten skin within one month.
The whitening ingredient, subtilisin mildly exfoliates the stratum corneum. Tranexamic acids and Biowhite permeate the skin to counter dark melanin and Glycolic acid works to renew the skin. Sodium hyaluronate and Lipidure provide long-lasting moisturization, and vitamin E effectively aids in


Instantly soothes irritated skin and strengthens defense ability.
Concentrated in a small ampule, our anti-inflammatory formula contains sakura extract, Helichrysum italicum extract and dipotassium glycyrrhizate. This essence greatly benefits sensitive and problem skin with its soothing properties. It is also effective for recovering to the healthy skin condition after a peeling treatment.


Product Code Product Name Characteristics
STD-A05-001 Enzymatic Brightening Essence Giving back to you a whole brightening skin after one month usage.Gently peeling and renew the cutin from day to day.
STD-A05-002 Sensitive-Repair Essence Instantly ease the sensitive condition and rebuild your skin immunity. Natural glucan can enhance the defense of the skin and reduce the stimulus.
STD-A05-003 Advanced Enzymatic Brightening Essence Stable whitening ingredient which doesn’t get affected by the temperature or need to be protected. It can focus on the inflammatory and reduce the pigments.

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