Focus on skin-care cosmetic evolution, producing , and marketing channel.

Ladies Nature Biotech was established in 1998. In 2011, it found a niche market in PABP and in 2013 built a manufacturing plant in Oregon, USA. Its professional development team has created a unique prescription care product known as "BIOCODE". These "preparation-based” products have been designed as a cosmetic remedy and were created with high quality, professional integrated formulas.

These new solutions have been internationally tested and are supported with clinical evidence. These high-end personal care products are professionally packaged and also manufactured in Myanmar, Vietnam and Guangzhou, China in order to serve consumers from around the world.

Research and Development as an Integral Team

Ladies has comprehensive R&D experience and has its R&D center in the headquarter in Taiwan which provides optimal communication channels through a professional service team.

Ladies also provides OEM and ODM services, with Liposome Technology improves encapsulation efficiency and patented spheroidization extends activity. Lyophilization at -40°C provides effective containment of active substances.In-lab fermentation creates value with matrix materials. Extracts are fermented throughdistillation, ultrasound and lyophilization, to manufacture into cosmetic and care products.

Exhibitions:BioTaiwan Exhibition、Beyond Beauty Paris (BBP)、HBA Global Expo Exhibitor、China International Beauty Expo、Interfood Indonesia、Wellness Food Japan、Cosmopr of Asia

We have more than 300 customers

Our products marketing expand into Hon Kong, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam…..etc., 16 countries.Ladies attends annual foreign exhibitions and is highly regarded.

Ladies has received international awards for its inventions - including 5 golds, 3 silvers, and 4 coppers - that all have patents. Ladies is also committed to the transition training of students.


Features of Development Lab

The lab conducts researches with common materials as sub-strates, which are granted with greater application and economic value with fermentation technique.

The extracts are subject to distillation, ultrasound sieving and lyophilization (freeze drying) to provide for fermentation process, or as natural extracts for cosmetic or care products.

Quality control starts at the source, raw materials, and helps realize the global integration of local agricultural technology.

Active Ingredient Embedding Technology

LIPOSOME(Micro-encapsulation technology, the most effective and stable form for skin care.

Structure of Phospholipid

Structure of Phospholipid

LIPOSOME technology

Is made up from the Phospholipid layer Transmitting Layering sphere, the center can coat all kinds of active ingredient, which can stabilize the ingredients and protect it from being destructed by the external factors; The outer layer of the phospholipid layer’s structure is like the skin, which can uplift absorption capability and increase the stability and effectiveness of the skin care product.

Active gradient storage technology


We apply embedding technology to improve bioavailability and targeted effect.

Lyophilization at -40°C provides effective containment of active substances.

Unique Patents

Title:Water-soluble peptide frozen crystal instructure
Certification No.: M383414

Innovation composition using

New active ingredients are widely utilized and more are to come.

Sub-strate: Seagrapes

Seagrapes are rich in polysaccharides, dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins and a variety of mono- and poly-unsaturated fatty acids.

Ladies cultivates the best sea grapes to extract functional, quality algal polysaccharides with supercritical extraction, and uses lyophilized to ensure preservation.

Sub-strate: Rose

Bulgarian rose is rich in vitamins, glucose, fructose, citric acid, malic acid and triterpenes (which are known for their anti-aging effects) and hundreds of other substances beneficial to humans.

Sub-strate: Okra

Bulgarian rose is rich in vitamins, glucose, fructose, citric acid, malic acid and triterpenes (which are known for their anti-aging effects) and hundreds of other substances beneficial to humans.