The international quality standard – ISO 22716 & ISO 9001 Cosmetics GMP

iso22716 iso9001

Adhering to the business philosophy of quality and stability, we are committed to improving production technology and possessing complete R & D process capabilities. The factory has passed the international good manufacturing standards for cosmetics, and is a professional standard factory building that complies with ISO 22716 & ISO 9001 GMP international certification.

With a professional operating environment, the indoor space is controlled by temperature, humidity, gas flow, air pressure and dust particles to achieve a high-quality care product manufacturing process.

We produce all kinds of high-quality natural, medical and professional care products. We use strict quality control systems to ensure production quality, have rich experience, and cooperate with the academic community of cosmetics. We integrate the development capabilities of professional R & D backgrounds and key technologies to create customer-specific commodity.

Unique Patents

  • Spherification device for skincare technicality-2149201-China
  • Spherification device for skincare technicality-I 424874-Taiwan
  • Method and device of modular rapid extract isolation-I 422418-Taiwan
  • Water-soluble peptide frozen crystal instructure-M383414-Taiwan
  • Moistening ball structure for skin-M402104-Taiwan
  • Ball capsule structure with skin-care material-M422968-Taiwan
  • Structure of crystal ball forming machine-M412927-Taiwan